Workif is a simplified customer and business tracking software for micro-scale SMEs with 1-10 employees. It is a cloud solution that responds to the needs of businesses in the simplest and easiest way, enabling them to follow and control their business in the simplest way.
Tigon Project Software Company is the result of 15 months of painstaking work consisting of 1 Software Project Manager, 2 Software Developers, 1 Corporate Communications Specialist and 1 manager working under its legal entity.

Project Date


Main Roles

Custom Software Development
Website Design
UI/UX Design
Front-End Development
Back-End Development
Payment Gateway Integration
Subscription Integration

Accurate Project Planning,
Flawless Operation

Each project is special. By making special analyzes for each brand and institution we are carrying out works that make a difference with the right project that can have global outcomes.

Tigon Project